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Green Mountain Lucky

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The script portrays a Vermont farm family under financial stress, due in
part to the deeds of the villainous "Flatlander Trio", (a banker, a lawyer
and a developer).  As the farm teeters on the brink, the farmer becomes
jealous of his musician brother who used to date his wife and has returned
to the farm with his band to work on some new music. Other characters
include a wise old sage, a hired hand, a hippie band, and a college bound
teenage girl with a terrific voice.  The Flatlander Trio has all the
answers to save the farm with condo speculation and subprime loans.  But
whoa, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The story
is told in John's well-known style of humor, irony, and gift of rhyme
lending to John being aptly labeled as "Vermont's unofficial troubadour

Green Mountain Lucky finale

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